Anna has teamed up with a musical collective for her debut album, NORDEN, using the resonance of Celtic/Scandinavian sound to tell a story of awakening and belonging.


released November 7, 2015

Vocals, Guitar / Anna
Viola, Vocals / Georgie Harris
Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Vocals / Olly Peel
Percussion / Tim Steemson
Piano / Deborah and Roo Panes
Flute / Sophie Emma Buxton
Production, Recording / Sean Hatton and Jonny Middleton

Creative Directors / Dom and Becky Callaghan
Videography / Green Antlers Photography
Photography / Sophie Emma Buxton
Calligraphy / Tassja Garner
Design / Miriam Westin

10% of donations go to Destiny Foundation. In collaboration with Bezalel and Goodfruit.